Effortless Payments

We strive to make our customer easily purchase our products, that's why we accept all leading credit card merchants and Union Pay as per international standards. We will still accept your cash, of course.
No extra charges

Customer Support

Ever had a problem with your Apple devices? We are here to help. We try our best to provide the best support for our customers, ranging from business to leisure, we have all the answer to all your problems. Visit us at Mac Borneo for warm welcome, one to one support and guidance. we even provide suggestion as we go so you can do your thing easier in the future with your Apple products.
Reach us at 088-213839 for on call appointments

Reserve yours today

We have an objective to make your purchase experience easy, so we provide on call bookings and reservations services, where we keep note on all our customers order and reserves a product for you to pick it up later. Express shopping experiences for people who always priorities time.
* We only reserve a product for 24 hours, while stock last

Customised Order

Want to order a specific Mac for your usage? We got you covered, now in Mac Borneo, you can place customised order for your Mac. Want bigger SSD space? Want faster processor? Place your order now at Mac Borneo.
Free shiping, Shipment time may vary.